Business Analysis

In my opinion, one of the main reasons IT projects fail is the inability of translating business requirements to IT solutions. Thus, the role of business analysis is to bridge the gap between business (management) and IT (development).
See the communication/know-how diagram on the right, where the green circle represents the consultant, helping the two parties to a common goal.

For this type of consulting, the tasks of the consultant are:

  • analysis: understand and optimize business processes
  • specification: translate business requirements to IT "language"
  • architecting: support development to find the most feasible technical solution

Note that if done right, the cost of consulting is always negative: with the help of the consultant, you will actually save cost. Either directly (for example by finding a cheaper solution) or indirectly (for example by saving time, and decreasing TTM - time-to-market -, which increases your profit).

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B: Management/Business -- A: Development/IT -- C: Consultant
B∩C: Business Analysis -- A∩C: IT Architecting

My consulting services

Below you can find some of the different type of consulting services I can provide you with.
(Check out the training and development menu for other type of services.)

BA consulting

As described in more details above. From the selection of an add-on to your website to a total overhaul of your processes and IT infrastructure, I can help you to complete a successful project.

Cost reduction

Are you paying too much for online services? Do you want to save on licenses? A huge server upgrade is due, and you are not sure whether it is needed at all? Some good advice can save you a lot.

Save my project

So black friday is on the corner, your website is already slowing down, and the new version is still full of bugs? Let me see what cen be done, before you lose this year's profit!

Developer evaluation

Nothing gets done on budget and on time? Do yo get the same "cant-do" answer to everything you ask? I can help you to evaluate you IT personnel, and let you know whether something is amiss.

Vendor selection

So you have sent out the RFQ - and got five totally different, incomparable approaches, with different prices and technical details. Let me help you to select the ideal solution!


Sometimes you have no time to plan ahead, just need a very quick fix for a serious problem. I can find you an outside-of-the-box solution, so you can catch your breath. Worry not: we will fine-tune it later!